A folio by Tatyana Uspenskaya-Murphy

I find myself deeply touched by the beauty of the surrounding world. It is around us, in all shapes, forms and colors. I see my mission in capturing this fleeing beauty of the moment and presenting it to the world for someone to cherish and enjoy. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... they say... so my art and my work is created to be a reflection of the multitude of personalities and tastes of people around me, my clients, my friends and myself. A concept of creation is often a process of intimate collaboration with another person or people, an attempt to perceive the beauty of the world through their eyes. Beauty is multifaceted - it shines in the gleam of a fast car, in the peace of the setting sun, in the shape of a concrete monolith of a building. My greatest ambition as an artist and a designer is to convey and translate the beauty I perceive into objects and images, aesthetically pleasing to all, and also hopefully reflective of the inspiration that sparked their creation.

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