Russian SpellRussian Spell
A book by Tatyana Uspenskaya-Murphy

Marina Svetlova is battling the first signs of depression. Her seemingly enviable life and career as a personal interpreter of the head of a large oil development and distribution company in Russia is far from the perfect picture it presents on the outside. Marina’s world is severely shaken when one of the members of a Swiss investment concern, Edward Brenner, an attractive but arrogant and temperamental consultant on Russian relations, puts her on her guard. Guided by the circumstances out of their control, Edward and Marina are required to work together for several hours in the solitude of her office. this brings on an explosive situation that arouses all their senses, neither one of them is able to conceal the sexual attraction they feel for each other. Unwilling to tell the truth, she blurts out that there is another man in her life and she does not allow her physical desires control her actions. Edward is shocked, but quickly recovers and pleads for her to meet with him as nothing more than a friend. her boss, mr. Severov, closely observes the tension between the two young people. An older man in his early sixties with a long and distinguished career built during the days of the soviet regime, he adapted easily to his new position and ran the company in the same powerful manner he was accustomed to all his life. Deep inside she knows that she is prepared to be with him, even if it means only for one night. After that night, Edward leaves without waking Marina up with intention to come back by lunch. Nothing but a brief confusing note waits for her on the table. disillusioned, broken-hearted and believing she’s gone to be with another man. When Marina returns to work on Monday, she turns in her resignation. Overtaken by her misery, Severov makes a quick decision – he decides to find the young man. The words on the card tell him that there is still hope. Edward is found in Paris where he’s come to heal his wounded soul. the misunderstanding is revealed, although at the expense of Severov’s own mystery. he has to open up about his feelings to marina in order to explain his involvement in the matters of her life.

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Russian Spell